About Us

At Happy Life Merchants & More we truly believe in small beginnings. As Newnan natives, we wanted to bring our passion for local handcrafted items to our small town, along with a great selection of wellness products. 

We started our journey with CBD products that only come from American grown and processed hemp plants. With ample research, we have created a great selection of CBD products that are sure to be safe and effective across all price ranges. For humans and animals alike, you are sure to find the right CBD for your needs from a trusted source!

Beyond our hemp products we have carefully hand-picked items for grooming and personal hygiene. From top-of-the-line safety razors, to beard grooming products, to soaps and lotions, we offer a plethora of amazing products to step up your grooming game. Our passion for safety razors stems from their performance by providing a super close shave and preventing razor burn, making these razors perfect for sensitive skin. In addition to their shave performance, these metal razors last a lifetime and cut your cost on shaving in half. In-store you will also find an array of shaving cream, shave brushes, soap, and accessories!

We value an ever-changing experience here at Happy Life. When you walk through the doors of our shop, your visit should be unique each time because of how often we find new products to add to our shelves. Whether it is coffee, candles, products from local artisans, or our handmade merchandise, we hope you find something new every time you visit us. 

Above all else we really value relationships with our customers. We love the heart of Newnan and we are motivated by offering healthy alternatives for wellness in our community creating an initiative for happy, healthy lives!