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Greatness is not something easily achieved. You have to wake up and naturally kick today in the face but first, shave like the natural born leader you are. The Captain makes it happen. 

Captain's Soap features a rich, classic sandalwood scent that is a staple in traditional wet shaving.

The stuff that comes from a can contains many ingredients that cause razor burn and irritation. Our soaps contain natural ingredients and have a unique way of reducing irritation, razor burn, ingrown hairs through years of research reformulation for maximum effectiveness. This isn't some re-packaged off the shelf product either, we make it in house right here in the USA.

All of our shave soaps feature high moisturizing properties that help soften the hair and add extra protection from nicks and cuts that that those alcohol-based skin-drying canned shaving creams just can’t provide. Although you can use any razor you want, we prefer a good razor for the best results.